Old family movies CIRCA 1930s-1980s

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This is a collection of old family movies shot by my Dad, John Berry, my uncle Jack Fraim and Howard Smith.  I have been curating the collection since around 1986, when I acquired my Dad's movies.  


Dave's 1970's Super-8 movies

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Stone(d) age movies from my wasted youth!  Incoherent, trippy home movies & sketches.  Includes 5757:  crude home movies shot at Industrial Light & Magic (Van Nuys) while working on Star Wars!  


Dave's 1980's Super-8 movies

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Hmm, mostly 1980's, mostly home movies, artistic sketches, some reconstructed from the MIKROKOSMOS project.


The 1990s and other ODDITIES

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Includes Bell (n), a trippy dream journey with music by Randall Packer.  Also 2 video travelogues/documentaries made with Phil Arnot:  The Island In Time & High Sierra Reverie.  Have Guru Darshan, home movies of an Indian Guru, filmed in India in the late 1970s, early 1980s.  All these movies are pre-HD, Standard Definition stuff, cringe-worthy quality!


Dave's Home Movies

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An eclectic collection structured and unstructured personal home movies.


the LAPSED TIME movies

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For the most part, these movies were created after 2006, the era where my primary tools were a digital SLR, After Effects & Final Cut (or Premiere).  The chosen format (mostly) was 1920x1080 at 24fps.  All these films are artsy fartsy abstract variations, non-narrative impersonal self-portraits pretty much.  



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Kind of a companion to the LAPSED TIME movies, these movies are based on loops.  I borrowed the phrase “Infinite Loop” from my friend Adam Beckett, who created beautiful works of animation based largely on loops, or repeated cycles of animation drawings.  These are works with no beginning, middle or end!  Originally intended to be displayed continuously in an Art Gallery setting, these are purely abstract works, which can be viewed for 5 seconds or 5 hours.  Depending on your point of view, they can induce a meditative state, or cause a headache.

opArt loops

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An expanding collection of little visual sketches, abstractions, experiments, whatever, all of which are seamless loops. 


Re-edits, Quad-O-Rama & such

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Re-editing old science fiction films is becoming a hobby!  Quad-O-Rama™:  In order to match the cacophonous assault of today’s films, older films can be truncated (all the boring parts are deleted), and then cut in to 4 equal sections to be displayed simultaneously.  Hence, a standard length film can be displayed in 10 minutes or less, but still retain coherence to the original.


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Massive, unwieldy and expanding archive of mainly time-lapse scenes filmed in and around San Francisco.  As the archive grew, the rules of inclusion became somewhat looser, and now scenes from outside the San Francisco Area, iPhone movies, abstractions, collages, High Speed photography, 4k etc, are all added to the mix.  Lots and lots of these scenes have been incorporated into my other work.  Originally intended as a "random play" installation (still waiting for Vimeo to offer "random" as a sort option).  So, to say the least, it's kinda hard to look at it in any coherent way.  But, here are some links:

San Francisco Variations:  THE ENTIRE COLLECTION

San Francisco Variations:  2011 random assortment

San Francisco Variations:  2013 random assortment

San Francisco Variations:  2014 random assortment

San Francisco Variations:  Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco Variations:  tourist mecca

San Francisco Variations:  clouds

San Francisco Variations:  scenics

San Francisco Variations:  Marin County

San Francisco Variations:  night scenes

San Francisco Variations:  various abstracts

San Francisco Variations:  single frame collages

San Francisco Variations:  Yosemite etc

Seasonal Greetings

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Starting in 2009, I began creating "Seasonal Greeting" videos to share with friends and family instead of sending out traditional cards.



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Home movies documenting family excursions to Yosemite National Park, beginning in 2008.  


Dave's daily video journals  

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This project was begun in 2014, and the idea was to shoot at least 1 second of video per day, edited together chronologically (there is a date graphic frame lower left).  Note:  the 2006-2013 versions are incomplete reconstructions created from my time-lapse library.


Team EMTB (mountain biking action videos)

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Filmed with a 360 camera !  Quickly made Action 360 home videos.  


Bits & Pieces (little iPhone movies)

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An eclectic collection of little iPhone movies.